The Rise of a New Economic Model

Established 4/14/2012.     Version 2.21 (5/20/2016)


The purpose of this site is simple:  Construct a new model of economics which suggests protectionism is the optimum form of capitalism. The tabs at the top of the page are the core arguments (mobile users see menu and topic breakout below). It is broken out into four parts:

1) “Just Measures” as a critique of micro/macro/monetary economics (i.e. flawed logic of money, credit, and wages).
2) “CA Crusoe” as a simple critique of free trade theory.
3) “Money and Machines” as a critique of capital theory (i.e. flawed logic of a non-existent relationship between saving and investment).
4) “Economic Noise” as possible new spin to inflation theory.
5) “Smith’s Elephants” as a critique of the founding father’s core logic problem with regard to subsistence wages.   

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My Amazon Kindle book: Just Measures by Van Geldstone